feb 24 ~ venice ~ part 1

venice... not my favorite place... its nice to have seen it.. at least once... but really... to me it felt like the italian disney land... anyways... :
a view outside the port/landing area of our hotel, not a bad location

this is venice
saint marco square

see... tourists!!!!
i really like this photo.. the sparkling water ~
love this one too ~
this is what i imagined venice to be.. quiet.. peaceful... just canal.. and house
nothing better than having a cup of coffee in venice :)
and this... haha... a restaurant a friend recommended... its funny how i wasnt even looking for it.. until i came up to it.. and it looked so familiar... (cant be..it was my first time there)... so.. thats when i realized its the restaurant he was talking about :P (here's proof i found it) nice bridge... close to that restaurant
beautiful side opposite to the grand canal... away from the tourism.. venice is very beautiful

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