feb 2 ~ vals ~ part 1

the beginning to our wonderful... relaxing weekend....
friday morning... we headed directly to vals.. took about 3 hrs to get there... train... then bus... on the bus route we climbed through some really beautiful scenery:

flow of water frozen into ice ~ :P (my studio concept)


arrival into vals, we ate our lunches and jumped right into the thermal baths :)
the bath house is again.. by
peter zumthor... for details on that go to part 2

the red room (for dining and our breakfast)

the view outside the balcony of my room ~
inside my room~
my side of the room~ look at all the cabinets... now go to part 2 to see what its like in the baths...

1 comment:

maddy~ said...

so pretty> =(
i'm sad that i'm not there..
and even sadder that this semester i'm not learning anything in studio