mar 15 ~ more me.. me.. me!!!

i'm just starting to collect pics from other ppl... and... below are more from sean... and patrick....

a washroom break.... first one .. going from swiss to france
love this shot.... credit to sean
why am i always in sean's photos?... here's me wandering
and me again.. walking down lyon.. in front of him....
at palais ideal... climbing up the 'sand castle'.. haha...
us playing with the mirror at our hotel in belfort
the pyramid at ronchamp....a good view from up there
group shot!!! but not everyone is here... almost all


mar 10 ~ france ~ to lyon ~ part 1

for france... we rented vans... from europcar...
this is us waiting for our vans

after we got our 2-9 ppl vans... we headed towards france !!! on our way, we stopped by this old bridge in a little village in swiss:
having fun in the van!!!

we saw a few things today: calatrava tgv station (part 2), and le corbusier's la tourette (part 3)... and in the end we checked into our hotel in lyon and headed for dinner:
a plaza with a fountain.. and a merry-go-round.... i wanted to ride!!!
this was my appetizer... raw beef... kinda like beef sashimi i guess... i never had it b4.. it was nice to try the we headed to a pub... cheers
then a club (le sirius)... its a club on a boat...
the end of the night...

mar 10 ~ france ~ calatrava tgv station ~ part 2

the first thing we saw on the trip was this > lyon tgv train station by calatrava!!!
i was so happy to see this... i studied it so much last year.. helped me resolve my structures on my skyscraper design... i wished we could have stayed there longer

haha... me me me me....

one of my favourite shots

me again :P

brilliant detail ~
love this shot too :P

somehow.. this looks odd... the angle of the shot.. makes it look unreal...

love this too ~

and of course... last but not least.. me :P

mar 10 ~ france ~ la tourette ~ part 3

we had to rush through the tgv station because we had an appointment here at la tourette, by le corbusier:

its a monastery... but a different sort of one...

corbu... and his "ears"... and use of color... and lines...
one of my favorite details in the building... when the door opens... it forms a cross.. with the window behind it....
i also love the windows... why are they colored?... corbu had the walls in the window channel painted.. so when light passes through... it floods the space also with that color
a better view of the chapel space
a secret prayer room underground ~

group shot!!!