mar 10 ~ france ~ to lyon ~ part 1

for france... we rented vans... from europcar...
this is us waiting for our vans

after we got our 2-9 ppl vans... we headed towards france !!! on our way, we stopped by this old bridge in a little village in swiss:
having fun in the van!!!

we saw a few things today: calatrava tgv station (part 2), and le corbusier's la tourette (part 3)... and in the end we checked into our hotel in lyon and headed for dinner:
a plaza with a fountain.. and a merry-go-round.... i wanted to ride!!!
this was my appetizer... raw beef... kinda like beef sashimi i guess... i never had it b4.. it was nice to try the we headed to a pub... cheers
then a club (le sirius)... its a club on a boat...
the end of the night...

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Anonymous said...

yay, a bunch of new photos to see! :-D