mar 10 ~ me.. me.. me!!!

all pics of me.... from sean :)

back in jan~

in zurich...on the roof top terrace of our hostel...
haha.. sean has so many pics of me sleeping.. this is one of the better ones
dinner at our fav italian restaurant
in luzern
mantova group shot!!!
vicenza.... remember this?... well.. this was me trying to balance... and nathan trying to get up
the girls....(palladio statue)
verona (castel vecchio)

palladio: rotunda... preparing to pose
our perfect symmetrical pose!
marostica... me taking a photo of the nice stone work
brion tombs.... group shot.. with the caretaker :P
venice... (no me... but i love this shot... credit to sean)
resting on one of venice's bridges
on a boat in venice :)

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mabo said...

Wow, can't believe you are having so much fun~~!! Are you sure this is really a "school" trip? @_@ Btw, I got your postcards...thx thx!!