feb 23 ~ from verona to venice ~ driving

got up early the next morning.. and got our rental car:

sean and i got the back seat :)

the reason we rented a car was mainly so we can get out to the brion tombs... we were told that there was no way there other than by car (which isnt true.. u can catch buses there.. just longer perhaps)... but car is a nice way to drive through the villa filled country side.. and stop by a few cities.. like marostica and bassano...

so before we arrived at brion tomb we stopped by a few places and really enjoyed them.. the drive is not too bad... lots of trucks.. just as marco pointed out... and at the end of the day.. we drove ourselves to venice where we returned our car:interesting long exposure effect

once in venice.. we checked into our hotel.. and.. we headed out for dinner... so hungry:
view beside our restaurant
looking at our restaurant my dinner... it was the first course of a 3 course meal.. i forgot to take a pic of the fish and salad.. which was all very good.. considering it was very tourisy type restaurant... the canal at night

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