feb 10/11 ~ geneva/gex ~ part 3

happy birthday maud!!! i'm so glad to be able to share your 21st and now.. your 22nd birthday with u too!!! we are sitting in her living/family room in front of the warm fireplace...
cheese ~
maud and her family... (mom, aunt/uncle)

this is the wonderful traditional french dish domi made (maud's mom)... it was delicious
then.. maud's cake... delicious too
this is sunday morning outside maud's house... gray skies... starting to see the mountains... too bad it rained all weekend... the best day was when i arrived on friday.. yet.. it was dark already... which only goes to mean they want me to visit them again :P
thx maud and family for everything... your gratitude was appreciated :) *hugs*kisses*

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