feb 21 ~ train to italy/verona ~ part 1

day 1 > bern > bologna, italy
in a sleeper car... first time.. 6 ppl/beds to one car...as u can see, its very tight, best photo already of entire room :P
hallway between the rooms
me on my bed...

then...that morning we arrived in bologna to switch trains to head to mantova (part 2), then for lunch we checked into our hotels in verona and headed to vicenza for the rest of the day:

in the train to vicenza.. very comfortable chairs, for vicenza (part 3)

after dinner in vicenza, we headed back to verona to take a night stroll:
plaza outside the arena, right by our hotel
arena at night
verona was the best... i loved it the most :)

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Ling said...

omg! it looks gorgeous! (even the overnight train looks fun hehe)
i wish i could visit verona with you :( the place of romeo and juliet!