feb 19 ~ meggen ~ part 2

on our way from einsiedeln to meggen:

then... we arrived in meggen.. new train station:
We're here to see: Piuskirche, by Franz Füeg
The church of St. Pius in Meggen (1964-66)
Franz Füeg was born in 1921. Among his works is
Pius Church in Meggen near Lucerne, an extraordinary steel construction with translucent marble instead of glass filling the interior with a unique light.

the marbel wall.... ahhhh

from the back... overlooking the alps
the front...

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Anonymous said...

amazing church...I was actually wondering the other day if people were using steel to build big churches these days, just like steel frames allowed people to build bigger sky scrapers...I guess this answers my question!

Marc (Robannz)