jan 27 ~ zurich ~ part 2

Arriving in zurich...attacked by a huge train station... through much confusion we finally found the train to the station designed by calatrava.. see part 3
after that, a stroll through the old town lead us to here:

taken from a bridge right outside the main station... we caught another train to arrive at an artist's studio: simone gugger

she's a goldsmith/jewellery artist... very talented... lots of amazing works

near the artist studio... freitag's zurich store !!! (a swiss brand of backpack/bags)

art work inside zurich bahnhof ~
again... to get to our hostel that night... we crossed the same bridge we did earlier... and i decided to take the same photo... looks different eh?
from our hostel's roof top patio... amazing view
staircase at hostel ~
our room... very luxurious for a hostel
highly recommended hostel/hotel: Hotel Martahaus Zurich... breakfast included in the morning...> part 3

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