jan 20 ~ basel ~ part 1 of 7

our first time out of bern > destination: basel

train ride in the morning
arrival into basel, outside bahnhof, waiting for tram
tram ticket...
on the tram > to beyeler foundation

for details on the beyeler foundation: check out basel part 2, and beyeler website

after the beyeler, we took another bus over to germany for the vitra museum... but we got to here:

and.. had to change buses... in the process... half of the group became the lost children of peter pan....(notice the empty chair and bus stop?)
so the 'lost children' walked and walked...
here they are... lost.. but happy :)

and of course the 'lost children' made their way to the vitra museum... vitra architecture website and joined back the the group in perfect timing for the tour:

the group inside the zaha hadid firestation (look at entry > basel: part 4)

here we are.. marching down the road to visit the tadao ando conference center (look at entry > basel: part 5)

inside the vitra chair museum.. testing out the chairs...

collection "charles and ray eames" ~

vitra miniatures ~ i want!!!

gehry... (no comment)

bus station outside vitra... so gut!!!

then we took the bus back to basel... and walked around and found herzon & de meuron switch station (look at entry > basel: part 6)

and... found mario botta

and richard serra...
then.. we had to find dinner... we were so hungry (look at entry > basel: part 7)
of course... after dinner... we had some fun.. and almost didnt make it for the last train... but we did:

exhausted from running to the station... thanks guys.. for helping me make it... we almost didnt make it... 1 minute later.. we would have missed it

see how happy we are to be on the train...

ed was so tired... he fell asleep ...

so that was the adventure to basel... it was good indeed !!! please continue to the other 6 chapters of basel


maddy~ said...

hey babe. i'm like religiously reading your blog! i'm so glad that you are enjoying urself in bern and basel. it looked so much fun!!!!

loving the bus stop waiting area. why can't we have something as gutsy in toronto!! takecare babe~

Vikki's Silly Thoughts~ said...

I want to GO toooooooooo VITRA ar.. and ZAHA as well... u've lightened up my interest so much... so sad to hear from you that you didn't buy anything for me there.. TOOOooo expensive huh??? OH wellz.... u better bring me there next time we travel to Europe:) ... I am over here working hard.. earning $$$ haha...arn't I a good girl?????